Insurance Product

Crunch's Healthcare program is specifically designed for the following types of faiclities:

  1. Nursing Homes
  2. Hospitals
  3. Assisted Living
  4. Residential Care facilities
  5. Alzheimer's Assisted Living Facilities
  6. Independant Living

Coverage Highlights include:

  1. Up to $10 Million Limits
  2. Seperate GL and PL Limits
  3. Excess Limits available
  4. Defense Limits Outside available
  5. Deductibles as low as $5,000
  6. Seperate Sexual Abuse limits
  7. Available in most states

Its as simple as 1,2,3:

  • Complete the Crunch application
  • Include the most current Department of Health Survey, 5 Years currently valued loss runs and facility license for a quote




"We are here to defend
your client and make certain to the best of our abilities, they remain a
satisfied customer."


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